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Military sunglasses are usually specialized and designed just for military personnel. Oakley makes military grade sunglasses that are available only for members of the military. These military issue sunglasses are able to protect the eyes by wrapping around the eyes so that sunlight and other substances will not enter. The eyes in extreme environments that the military deal with have to be well protected from shrapnel and flying debris so the sunglasses have to pass ballistic tests for eye wear. I will review different options for sunglasses for military personnel.

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Military Sunglasses Oakley

Oakley military sunglasses can be M Frame 2.o hydrid, the ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strike Array or the SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strike. All of these ttpes of military issue sunglasses have to meet standards for protection against high-velocity impact and high-mass impact.

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The lenses by Oakley for the military is made of plutonite that protects super optical clarity. Also, the hybrid version has a clip that holds the eyewear frame and the lens together that provide a support that is secure. These sunglasses come in a black frame with a grey lens.

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Amazon offers the Wiley X Romer II Military Sunglasses at around $75. These Wiley X military sunglasses are ultra light, and they have design that is ergonomic. Your military eyes will be protected from high velocity impact situations. Allm the curved design of the Romer II prevents fragmentation, sun, glare, and wind from entering the eyes. These military glasses are also great for using while on a motorcycle. A customer of the Wiley X Romer states that they use them while riding their motorcycles and they have traveled over 75,000 miles while wearing them to protect their eyes from the wind.

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Military Sunglasses for Pilots

Military Pilots and Commercial Pilots need to have military sunglasses and American Optical has flight gear original pilot sunglasses that have a gold frame and are polarized. The price is under $55 for these military grade sunglasses. A person that reviewed his pair of American Optical pilot sunglasses stated that they were hard to use to view led screens such as a radar screen or a cell phone. Nevertheless, since these sunglasses are polarized and have high contrast, you could spot a tiny mosquito that might be sitting on a cloud that is well lit. All pilots know how difficult it is when dealing with the glare due to the sun reflecting off of the clouds.